Past Festivals - 2021 Events

Spotlight Screening: Ahed's Knee

Spotlight screening of Nadav Lapid’s new drama comedy, Ahed’s Knee.

Panel Discussion: Bridging the Generational Gap surrounding Israel and Palestine

An emerging theme in the conversation about Israel and Palestine is the overwhelming generational divide in the American Jewish community. This conversation will bring together local New York City voices with filmmaker Michal Weits of Blue Box to explore these intergenerational dynamics and conversations there and here. Where do we challenge each other? Where do we push? Where do we reconcile? Where do we accommodate? And what do these choices mean for us in our families, homes, communities and politics? Presented by NIF and NYJA.

This event is in-person and will be live-streamed.

Opening Night: Let It Be Morning

Opening Night event featuring Let It Be Morning and a post-film reception.

Closing Night: 200 Meters

Closing Night event featuring 200 Meters. The film will be preceded by a reception.

Between Jews and Arabs in Israel: Recent Developments

On May 2021 an outbreak of violence erupted between Jewish and Arab citizens in Israel, alongside rockets attack on Israel by Hamas and Israeli airstrikes targeting the Gaza Strip. A month later a new coalition was formed in Israel, which brought together parties across a wide-ranging ideological spectrum. This includes the conservative Islamic Ra’am party, marking the first time an independent Arab party has joined an Israeli coalition. Against this background, a panel of four young scholars will discuss potential ways forward in Israel’s Arab-Jewish relations.

This panel is co-sponsored with the Other Israel Film Festival.

Hosted by the Director of the Taub Center for Israel Studies, Prof. Ronald W. Zweig
Speakers include:
Dr. Ahmad Amara | NYU Tel-Aviv and Ben- Gurion University
Dr. Roni Porat | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Areej Sabbagh-Khoury | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Marik Shtern | Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

Q&A Moderated by Israel Institute Visiting Professor at NYU, Prof. Avi Shilon

Arabic Lesson with The Abraham Initiatives

Arabic lesson with The Abraham Initiatives