Partner With Us

The Other Israel Film Festival presents high-quality cinema to inspire conversation and take a deeper look into Israeli and Palestinian societies. Through human stories, the festival explores themes relating to minority populations and social justice challenges for Israel and its neighbors. Overall, we aim to engage communities, challenge perspectives, and drive people to action with the help of our partners.

The festival is held at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, as well as additional locations throughout New York. Since its inception, the festival has received unparalleled region-wide attention and participation from non-profits in the U.S. and abroad dedicated to having the conversation that the festival presents. We invite you and your organization to partner with us to be a part of this exciting event in one or more of the following ways:

Cross Promotion:

Help us get the word out about the festival to your community in print publications, email, and social media as well as distributing print materials. We are happy to do the same for your organization and events on our platforms.

Event Partnership:

Sponsor a screening and/or a reception. Choose one of the many films and programs the festival has to offer and co-present it with us under your organization’s name. This can also involve bringing a group and planning a reception for your members before or after the event. It can serve as a great opportunity for you to present your mission, create awareness about your organization, and even raise funds.

Marketing Opportunities:

In gratitude and appreciation for your collaboration, we are happy to provide you with unique marketing opportunities and benefits, including visual display of your logo in all festival publications, website, on the screen, on site signage, and distribution of your organization’s collateral. We also offer speaking opportunities for members of your organization, product display, festival passes, VIP event access, and more.

And Beyond: 

Above all, we aim for you to use the festival as a platform to suit your organization’s needs so let us know how we can best make that happen. Whether it be planning a separate event or workshop, or engagement of a different kind we would love to hear your ideas. We are happy to design a partnership package to specifically fit the marketing needs and interest of your organization.

For additional information, please contact the festival team at [email protected].