Past Festivals - 2012 Films

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
2011 | 90 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Thierry Binisti

A young French woman living in Jerusalem, develops a turbulent yet tender long-distance friendship with a young Palestinian, in hopes to better understand one another. An engrossing and hopeful drama based on the award-winning novel by Valérie Zenatti, starring Hiam Abbas.

Ameer Got His Gun
2011 | 58 Minutes minutes
Director: Naomi Levari

Ameer is a Muslim Arab about to enlist in to the Israeli army. He believes this is a path towards equality and belonging in the Jewish state. On his journey, he carefully navigates the thin line between Jewish and Arab societies in Israel.

An Oasis on the Hill
2012 | 12 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Gal Kohen

Two friends, an Arab and a Jew from Neve Shalom Village (Oasis of Peace), reach the pivotal age of 18.

Arab Labor - Season 3
2012 | 48 Minutes minutes
Director: Shay Kapun

The wildly popular, irreverent and acclaimed series by author Sayed Kashua, is back with a third hilariously entertaining season. Tune in for Amjad and his family’s adventures as they make constant efforts to fi t in after relocating from their Arab village to the heart of Jerusalem.

2011 | 60 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Ramy A. Katz

The story of a mother of six in a provincial town, fighting to keep her family together with sheer courage and wisdom. Her eldest son, dropped out of school and has created an alternative reality for himself in which he is a daredevil putting his energy into the physical sport of Parkour.

From the Black You Make Color
2012 | 72 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Judy Maltz & Richie Sherman

At Tel-Aviv’s oldest beauty academy, a group of students come from seven different countries, yet somehow find a common language. The eight characters pulled into focus by the filmmakers, share common ordeals, and bring unique and varied life stories to their new environment.

Happy Holidays
2012 | 28 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Luca Marvanyi

Two Hungarian sisters living in Israel are torn by their Jewish/Christian Identities.

Jerusalem ER
2012 | 17 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Hilla Medalia

The experiences of Arab and Jewish doctors in Jerusalem’s Hadasah hospital.

Jerusalem Moments
2012 | 23 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Daniel Gal

The new train in Jerusalem and its diverse passengers – Jews, Arabs, religious, and secular.

New Voices
2012 | 81 minutes minutes
NYC Premiere
Director: Various

Eye drops

Director: Mohammad Bakri

Israel, 2012, Narrative, 23 min. U.S. Premiere

An encounter between a holocaust survivor and an Arab actor who lives in Tel Aviv with his two sons, during the second intifada.

Happy holidays 

Director: Luca Marvanyi

Israel, 28 min.

Christmas. Two Hungarian sisters living in Israel are torn by their Jewish/Christian identities.

Peach pits 

Director: Shai Ben-Dov

Israel, 11 min.

A mysterious man reads the future for a fortuneteller.

The promised land 

Director: Vanessa Knutsen

Israel, 15 min.

A migrant worker takes refuge at her boss’ house for the Seder.

Wild horses

Director: Amit Carp

Israel, 27 min.

A dysfunctional relationship between a father and a son who raise horses, in the shadow of a tragedy.