Past Festivals - 2011 Films

77 Steps
2010 | 56 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Ibtisam Mara'ana

The personal journey of the director, Ibtisam Mara’ana, who leaves her Arab-Muslim village and moves to Tel-Aviv. In an attempt to find an apartment in the city, she encounters discrimination and refusal by most landlords because of her Arab origins. She finally finds an apartment, and meets her neighbor – Jonathan, a Jewish-Canadian man who immigrated to Israel. A love story evolves as they both search for a sense of belonging and home, on the background of social and political turbulence.

A Place of Her Own
2011 | 67 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Sigal Emanuel

This documentary was filmed over the course of four years and follows Reut, a teenager who spent most of her life moving between institutions and living on the street. The film opens when Reut is seventeen and giving birth to her first son, who is immediately taken away by welfare authorities. Reut’s battle with the State for custody of her son leads her to forge a relationship with his foster family – religious Jews who live in a settlement in the Occupied Territories. Meanwhile, Reut meets and marries a Palestinian man, moves to his village and has two more children. Reut is an introverted and intriguing character who longs for stability and a place to call home. Instead, life hands her surprising twists and turns, right up to its tragic end.

David & Kamal
2010 | 78 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Kikuo Kawasaki

David & Kamal is about two nine-year old boys – Kamal, an Arab Jerusalemite and David, an American Jew. David and Kamal meet in Jerusalem’s Old City where Kamal is dodging bullies and trying to sell postcards. When Kamal sees David he assumes David is carrying a lot of money and pickpockets him. David chases after Kamal but runs into Kamal’s tormentors. Kamal turns around and saves David and the boys escape together. Rooftop chases, secret passageways, and police cars and soldiers bring action to David and Kamal’s adventure of a lifetime.

Dolphin Boy
2011 | 72 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Dan Menkin & Yonatan Nir

After being brutally tortured by his classmates, Morad – a teenaged boy from an Arab village in the North of Israel – is suffering from a severe post-traumatic shock, disconnecting himself from the world around him. When told by doctors that dolphin-assisted therapy is the last treatment option, Morad’s father leaves his job and family to move to Dolphin Reef on the Red Sea, vowing not to return unless the boy achieves full recovery. Surrounded by a dedicated doctor, new friends, and an Israeli Jewish girlfriend, Morad and his father embark on a remarkable four-year journey of recovery. This is the tale of a parent’s patient and tender love, and the friendship between a teenager and the group of dolphins who helped him heal.

Dusty Road
2010 | 25 Minutes minutes
Director: Rukaya Sabbah

An unexpected meeting between 13 year old Tamer and Khalil, an old man who suffers post traumatic stress disorder, leads to a special friendship. A kid in Tamer’s class, does everything to ruin this friendship.

2011 | 58 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Orna Ben Dor & Noa Maiman

Homecoming follows three non-Jewish Israeli teens who were born in Israel to foreign workers. The film follows the teenagers as they visit their parents homes; in the Congo, Peru and the Philippines. Away from Israel and meeting their extended families for the first time, the kids are confronted with questions about the meaning of and about their own identities.This film deals with the politics of immigration and culture through a profoundly personal lens and is particularly timely as Israel has recently begun to deport illegal foreign workers and their Israeli-born children.

Lost Paradise
2010 | 54 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Various Directors

A man and a woman are tenderly making love in a one-star hotel room. A moment later, when they are fully dressed, the idyll that seemed authentic is now gone.

My Lovely Sister
2010 | 91 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Marco Carmel

A whimsical tale of the rivalry between superstitious Rahma and her sister Mary who followed her heart and married an Arab man. Starring Moshe Ivgy, Evelin HaGoel and Reymonde Amsellem, the film is based on a Jewish Moroccan folktale.

Naomi (Hitpartzut X)
2010 | 90 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Eitan Tzur

This award winning thriller takes place in the mixed city of Haifa. Ilan Ben Natan, a 58-year-old Astrophysics Professor, is obsessively in love with his young wife, Naomi. When Ilan discovers that his deepest fears have come true – Naomi has a lover – he is unable to control himself. He confronts the lover and commits a horrible act, the consequences of which will weigh heavily on his conscience.

New Voices
2010 | 60 minutes
Director: Various Directors

YELLOW MUMS Firas khoury / 2010 / Drama / 35 min / US PREMIERE Nizar (9) is a young Palestinian introverted altar boy and a social outcast. During this years’ Easter, Nizar decides to compete with the village children in the traditional “breaking eggs” games. He is cheating his way to win, all for the sake of Jesus. It would be the first time Nizar questions his faith. View Trailer

DUSTY ROAD Rukaya Sabbah / 2010 / Drama / 25 min / US PREMIERE An unexpected meeting between 13 year old Tamer and Khalil, an old man who suffers post traumatic stress disorder, leads to a special friendship. A kid in Tamer’s class, does everything to ruin this friendship.