Past Festivals - 2010 Films

2010 | 90 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Rani Bleier

The stories of three generations of one family of farmers in a financial crisis, struggling to keep their land in the south of Israel. Starring Mohammad Bakri as Moshe, the Jewish Moroccan head of the family, with Lior Ashkenazi, Menashe Noy, and Yael Abecassis.

2009 | 120 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Yaron Shani & Scandar Copti

2009 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film returns to Other Israel with a special presentation by director Yaron Shani discussing his work on this powerful crime drama,

Arab Labor
2010 | 120 Minutes minutes
Director: Shai Capon

Episodes from the wittier, edgier second season of Sayed Kashua’s hit TV satire. Amjed is an Arab journalist working for an Israeli newspaper, who will do anything to be part of the bourgeois Jewish Israeli society. He makes every effort to neutralize his Arab identity, culture, and national affiliation and continuously being mocked by his family, and both Arab and Jewish societies. In this season Amjed moves with his family to a Jewish neighborhood in pursuit of “equal water pressure” for Jews and Arabs, facing the neighborhood dogs who recognize him as Arab and bark at him on all occasions, and being invited to participate in an alternative ceremony on Israel’s memorial day… JCC screening followed by a conversation between Actor Debra Winger, Creator Sayed Kashua, and Producer Danny Paran. Cinema Village screening followed by Q&A with Creator Sayed kashua and Producer Danny Paran

Back And Forth
2010 | 55 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Uri Rosenwaks & Various Directors

Made up of four short films, all of which are directed by Bedouin directors in their debut as film makers, this unique film is an unprecedented authentic self-portrait of current life in Bedouin society. Portraying the struggle for progress that in many ways is held back by the traditions of the nomadic past.

Blood Relation
2009 | 75 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Noa Ben Hagai

Back and Forth is the second documentary feature produced in the independent cinematic project in Rahat guided by Uri Rosenwaks, the first was “The Film Class”, presented at the 2007 Other Israel Film Festival. JCC screening followed by Q&A with Director Uri Rosenwaks. Cinema Village screening followed by Q&A with Director Uri Rosenwaks and Vivan Silver of NISPED

Coffee: Between Reality And Imagination
2010 | 68 Minutes minutes
Director: Various Directors

Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers embarked on a journey to create short films, fiction or documentary, inspired by Coffee, which takes part in Middle East cultural identity and social reality. Coffee creates a connection between different people, no matter who they are. Each film gives a personal and courageous point of view on the reality in which we live in. The project was created and produced by The Film Department of Tel Aviv University. Followed by Q&A with Actor Mohammad Bakri

I'm Not Filipina
2010 | 51 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Anat Tel

A six-year-old blind girl of Filipino origin who was born in Israel is adopted by a loving Filipino worker. Together they try to bridge the gaps of language and mentality in a country in which one of them regards as her homeland and the other still feels like a stranger. JCC screening followed by Director Anat Tel in conversation with Cathleen Caron, Founder and Executive Director of Global Workers Justice Alliance.

ID Blues – Jewish And Democratic
2008 | 50 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Haim Yavin

The final and most controversial part in Haim Yavin’s travelogue, examining different aspects of daily lives and struggles facing Arab citizens in Israeli society. JCC screening followed by Prof. Leonard Grob of Meretz USA in conversation with News Correspondent Aharon (Arale) Barnea and renowned Historian Prof. Benny Morris.

Lod Detour
2009 | 60 Minutes minutes | Themes: Documentary
Director: Orna Raviv

Amal High School in Lod is the last opportunity for students who failed other educational frameworks to complete their high school education. We follow three students’ stories through the eyes of the school’s principal, who is determined that his students will succeed against all odds. JCC screening followed by a conversation with Director Orna Raviv; Mary Ann Stein, founder of the Moriah Fund; and NIF Fellow Ruth Carmi. Cinema Village screening followed by a conversation with Director Orna Raviv

Lone Samaritan
2009 | 50 Minutes minutes | Themes: Narrative
Director: Barak Heymann

The tiny sect of Samaritans date back to the first temple in Israel and are constantly in danger of extinction. The Samaritans hold their traditions sacred, and do not assimilate. After TV star Sophie Tzdaka and her three sisters leave this closed community, the family becomes subject to terrible harassment by sect members. Followed by Q&A with protagonist Sofi Tzdaka.