2019 | 85 minutes | Narrative
Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade

Twelve-year-old Abe (Noah Schnapp, Stranger Things) is an aspiring chef, but his family—half-Israeli, half-Palestinian—always fights. When Abe ditches camp to spend time with chef Chico, his mentor’s fusion cuisine inspires him to unite his family through food.

Comrade Dov
2019 | 75 minutes | Documentary
International Premiere
Director: Barak Heymann

Goddamned communist. Internal enemy. Privileged Tel Aviv Ashkenazi. Dov Khenin was called everything during his time in the Knesset. A portrait of a unique politician who refuses to give up, even as reality deals him one blow after another.

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2018 | 30 minutes | Narrative
Director: Uri Sivan

Created by Mira Awad

Produced by Drama Team for Kan

In Summer 2014, Muna Abud, a Palestinian-Israeli photographer living in Tel Aviv, is on the verge of success. As the military operation in Gaza escalates, Muna is confronted with the complexity of her identity and relationships.

Episodes 1+2 will be shown.

2018 | 52 minutes | Documentary
North American Premiere
Director: Julien Menanteau

Samaritans, the world’s only holders of dual Israeli-Palestinian nationality, are a unique religious minority on the verge of extinction. In the heights of Nablus, Abdallah Cohen, the high priest’s grandson, seeks to find his own way.

The Tower
2018 | 77 minutes | Narrative
New York Premiere
Director: Mats Grorud

Wardi, a young Palestinian girl, lives with her family in a Lebanese refugee camp. When her great-grandfather, who was chased from his home in the Galilea in 1948, gives her the key to his old house, she fears he has lost hope of returning home.