In light of the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza, we are postponing the Other Israel Film Festival. Please check for updates and join us for upcoming film programs relating to Israel at the link below.

The Democracy Crisis in Israel
Words of welcome and overview of the status of the fight for Israel’s democracy.
What Makes a Protest Movement Tick?
An inside look into the ins and outs of creating a protest movement.
Where did it start? How does it grow and how does it organize? The stories behind the scenes of Israel’s protest nation.
Diversity of the Movement
From the Anti Occupation Movement to IDF Soldiers, right, left and center, this movement has brought together protesters
from all walks of life and the political spectrum. How do these diverse groups make it work and where do fractures show in this unity?  

Art and Democracy
The Artist community in Israel fears the loss of the freedom of artistic expression. Politics and arts are interwoven in Israel,
and both the government and the courts contributed to the censorship of artists. Filmmakers and artists are standing up for
democracy and against corrupt government arts funding. 
Network Building & Mingling
Slogans of the Protests
This movement has brought to light creative slogans and divisive campaigns. Through photographs, videos and conversation,
we share a taste of some of the impactful branding of the protests.

Complete Equality: The Future of Democracy for Palestinian Citizens
What does this movement mean for the Palestinian community and how are they impacted? Equality of social and political rights,
a core tenet of democracy, is an ideal enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Just as the judicial overhaul damages
Israeli democracy, it stands to undo years of legislative and societal gains made by Palestinian citizens of Israel, threatening to
strip them of these rights and relegate them to second-class citizenry indefinitely. Can Palestinian and Jewish citizens harness this
moment to build a truly democratic system that fully embraces the promise of equality for all? Join us for a discussion on how forging
a shared, integrated pro-democracy movement is more important than ever to protect the gains of the past and reimagine the
future of political partnership.

The New York Connection
Israel’s fight for democracy is presented more as an internal conflict than one with external impact.  Why is this protest movement
so important and relevant to the New York/American community and how does this impact us?

Join New York Jewish Agenda (NYJA) and esteemed panelists to discuss the connections between issues affecting both Israel
and New York. Topics include: the tensions between liberal and illiberal Judaism, yeshiva education, migration, and civic engagement. 
Network Building & Mingling