Schedule - Tuesday, 12/6/2016

6:30pm - The 90 Minute War
2016 | 85 minutes | Narrative
U.S. Premiere
Director: Eyal Halfon

A comic mockumentary based on the book by Itay Meirson. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted 100 years. One hundred years of war, bloodshed, bitterness, and suffering. One hundred years of stalemate, intransigence, and failed peace deals. And now it’s all over. They’ve finally found the solution: a winner-take-all soccer match. The winner gets to stay. The loser leaves forever. And no whining.

Copresented by GrapeVine and Tribe.

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7:00pm - New Voices 2016
2016 | 52 minutes | Short
Director: Various Directors

A riveting compilation featuring diverse stories across generations:

FACING THE WALL (Dir. Alamork Davidian, 26 min, Narrative)
Surni, a young Ethiopian woman, wakes up heartbroken in an Israeli absorption center.

KEYS (Dir. Hadar Reichman, 11 min, Narrative)
Mayhem ensues when Aziz tries to teach his sister not to be afraid of Jews.

TAKE 3 (Dir. Ayelet Bechar, 15 min, Documentary)
Three generations of Palestinian refugees are filmed over the course of 47 years, as they return to visit their family’s destroyed village near Ramle.

Copresented by Healing Across the Divides and OneVoice Movement.

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8:30pm - Land of the Little People
2016 | 83 minutes | Narrative
U.S. Premiere
Director: Yaniv Berman

Four children who live in a village of military officers’ families form a gang, turning an abandoned army base into their camp. When another war begins in Israel and most men are drafted, the kids return to their camp in the wild. To their surprise, they discover two soldiers who deserted their units and are using their camp as a hideout. The children try to regain control over their stolen territory, but the soldiers hold their ground. A ruthless struggle develops between the two groups, and the soldiers, who once sought refuge from the war outside, now find themselves involved in another war, which turns out to be just as dangerous and bloody as the first.

Copresented by Partners for Progressive Israel.

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