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October 8, 2013

The 7th Annual Other Israel Film Festival, presented by the JCC in Manhattan, announced its official 2013 line up. The festival will take place in New York City from November 14-21, featuring U.S. and New York premieres of films by and about Arab and minority populations living in Israel, including acclaimed selections from the Venice, Jerusalem and Haifa film festivals. This year’s edition features a vibrant array of new works that capture the current zeitgeist of political and social debate in Israel.

Opening Night will feature award-winning director Hilla Medalia’s acclaimed film Dancing in Jaffa, and this year’s festival also includes the highly-anticipated film Good Garbage, by Shosh Shlam and Ada Ushpiz, which had it’s North American premiere this year at Michael Moore’s Taverse City Film Festival.

The line up also features Apples of the Golan, by Irish director Keith Walsh, which gives a fascinating look at the residents of the Golan Heights, a land passed from Syria to Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. Particularly vital in light of current events in Syria, this striking cinematic tale captures the schism between an older generation, born in Syrian Golan and loyal to Bashar al-Assad, and a younger generation, born in Israeli Golan with “undefined citizenship” and unsure loyalties. This year’s festival also presents up-and-coming filmmaker Adi Adwan’sArabani, the first feature film by a Druze filmmaker about the Druze community in Israel.

Check back on October 15th to get your tickets and festival pass.

The complete line up is as follows.


Apples of Golan by Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh, Austria/ Ireland/ Syria/ Israel 2012
Arabani by Adi Adwan, Israel, 2013
Dancing in Jaffa by Hilla Medalia, USA/Israel
Dove’s Cry by Ganit Ilouz, Israel, 2013
The Fading Valley by Irit Gal, Israel, 2013
The Garden of Eden by Ran Tal, Israel, 2012
Good Garbage by Shosh Shlam and Ada Ushpiz, Israel, 2012
Green Dreams by Levi Zini, Israel, 2013
Inheritance by Hiam Abbass, France/Israel/Turkey, 2012
It’s Better to Jump by: Gina Angelone, Mouna Stewart, and Patrick Alexander, USA/ Palestine/ Israel
Stewart, 2013
The Lesson by: Anat Zuria, Israel, 2012
Mom, Dad, I’m Muslim by Anat Tel Mendelvich, Israel, 201
Under the Same Sun by Sameh Zoabi, 2013


Batman at the Checkpoint By Rafael Balulu
The Other Side by Khen Shalem
Boy and Soldier 2018 (OneVoice) by Eran Riklis
What About Me by Etgar Keret & Shira Geffen
Palestinian Airport 2018 (OneVoice)